Refrigerator TMF (RT42CB662022) Optimal Fresh+ 427L Clean BLACK

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Dimension (WxHxD) 70 x 183 x 78 mm
Size24 FEET
Energy Efficiency ClassA+
*Digital Inverter*

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Bespoke Refrigerator TMF RT42CB664412ME Optimal Fresh+ 427L Clean White


  • Bespoke design
  • SmartThings AI energy mode
  • Optimal Fresh
    • Bespoke
    • The icons show the function of AI energy mode.
      SmartThings AI Energy Mode
    • The door of the RT6300C is open. SpaceMax™ from inside to outside of the product is indicated by an arrow.
    RT6300C is installed in the Kitchen.

    Stylishly unique

    Bespoke Design

    Create a beautifully unique kitchen with colors that match your personal taste and interior design. The doors are available in a wide range of stylish Bespoke colors and textures*.

    RT6300C of Clean White, Clean White and Clean Pink, Clean White and Clean Navy, Clean Black door are installed in kitchen of various interior design.

    * Door color options include: Glass finish in Clean Vanilla, Clean White, Clean Black, Clean Pink, Clean Navy and Clean Peach. Cotta finish in PCM White, PCM Charcoal and PCM Pink.

    Save your energy intelligently

    SmartThings AI Energy Mode

    Monitor and proactively save energy. AI Energy Mode* analyzes your refrigerator usage patterns and estimates power consumption, based on AI technology. If the estimated electricity bill exceeds your preset target, it recommends you activate the Saving mode to reduce energy use by up to 7%**.

    The icons show the function of AI energy mode.

    * Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.** Available for specific models through a Wi-Fi update. Energy usage is reduced by optimizing the compressor speed and operation and adjusting the fridge temperature. Results are based on internal testing and may vary depending on the usage condition and patterns.

    Twice more freshness

    Optimal Fresh+

    Ensure that food stays fresh for twice as long*. The Optimal Fresh+ drawer lets you switch between 4 modes to store different foods. In “Soft Freeze” mode it preserves the freshness of delicate foods, like meat and fish, for two times longer* than normal cooling and retains its natural flavor.

    Meat is stored fresh in Optimal Fresh+ Drawer. When the display temperature is 1 degree and the knob located at Max, Soft Freeze Mode is set. The Optimal Fresh+ Drawer is located at the top of the fridge.

    * Available on certain models.** Testing by Samsung Electronics. Data was provided to Intertek who assisted Samsung in interpreting the data in accordance with Samsung’s project plan. Tested on RT47CB668422ST and based on analysis of the APC (aerobic plate count) of sample foods after storage in the test units. Applies when set to Soft Freeze(knob MAX & temp. display 1℃), compared to Fridge room(2℃) in the fridge compartment. Results may vary depending on freshness, usage conditions, and other factors before storage.

    More space inside


    Store more food in a spacious interior with 20 liters more capacity*. Unique SpaceMax™ technology uses special high urethane insulation that enables the walls to be much thinner without compromising energy efficiency. So it creates more space inside.

    * Based on the RT47CG6644S9ST compared with the RT43K6230S8/ST models.

    The door of the RT6300C is open. SpaceMax™ from inside to outside of the product is indicated by an arrow.

    99.99% less bacteria* on the air filter

    Active Fresh Filter (* Optional)

    Keep the fridge clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of food being contaminated. An Active Fresh Filter* eliminates 99.99% of bacteria** on the filter’s surface. Air passes through an activated carbon filter, so it is sterilized and deodorized, while an anti-bacterial mesh eliminates bacteria.

    * Available on certain models.**Tested by Intertek. 99.99% of Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli.

    Built-in Active Fresh Filter eliminates bacteria and keep the inside air fresh and purified.

    Smart control

    Wi-Fi Embedded

    Monitor and manage the refrigerator anytime, anywhere. Its embedded Wi-Fi lets you track and adjust its performance using the SmartThings App*. You can easily control the Rapid Cooling mode, change the temperature and get alerts if the door is left open. It will also detect and diagnose issues.

    * Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

    A person is managing refrigerator remotely via smartphone and wi-fi.

    Do the SmartThings at Home


    A person is using the SmartThings Energy and checks the energy usage.

    SmartThings Energy

    Efficient energy use, Smart savings

    Manage your energy usage to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. SmartThings Ene

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