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Hausberg Hair Dryer, HB-29, 2400w, 2 Speed ​​Levels, 3 Temperature Levels, Black

Hausberg Hair Dryer, HB-29, 2400w, 2 Speed ​​Levels, 3 Temperature Levels, Black


So that you can dry your hair in a short time, we offer you the Hausberg HB-29 2400W hair dryer . The benefits offered by the Hausberg HB-29 dryer are obtaining smooth and velvety strands without any effort. The Hausberg HB-29 hair dryer is powered by a 220V outlet and is extremely easy to accessorize thanks to the built-in support.

Being a hair dryer, it releases an extremely strong jet of hot air and thus saves the time spent drying the hair.

Thanks to the motor with which this professional dryer is equipped, during the use of the dryer, carbon emissions are zero, which makes it friendly to the environment.

Thanks to the very strong jet of air released by the dryer during use, the drying time of the hair is reduced even at low temperatures.

Increases hair volume, makes hair more elastic, shiny and easier to comb.


  • Power supply 220-240V/50Hz, 2000-2400W
  • three heating levels
  • two speed steps
  • Cold air jet that fixes the hairstyle
  • Fixed Handle
  • Hanging device
  • Air intake filter
  • Diffuser to intensify the natural volume of the hair + accessories
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