Welcome to Ghandour Electric

Our company was initiated in 1999 as a small store in Nabatieh, south Lebanon Area and expanded to become an electric and home appliances store later.

Upon 2006 war the company received a huge blow from the bombing it received which led eventually to the closing of the company in 2010.

In 2015 Ghandour Electric reopened with a new strategy focusing after sales services and higher selling with minimal profits that led to a big boost of our business. As for today we could say that we are a leading company in the number of selling operations done, and a leader of making use of e-commerce to boost our business.

Ghandour Electric is one of the highest rated companies in its domain in Lebanon, and aiming always for better achievements and services. 

Ghandour Electric goals are not bound by place or time.

Our goal will always to be able to offer the best possible products with premium services before and after sales.

Discover Ghandour Electrics' Journey

Gets launched as a small store in Nabatieh region
2006 war
Major damage received due to bombing
Our company couldn't recover from 2006 war losses and was forced to close.
Ghandour Electrics relaunched with a new strategy of high sales with reduced profits which led to a huge leap in the business

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